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Small Waters Projects

WWDC Small Waters Program: Text

The purpose of the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC) Small Water Project Program (SWPP) is to participate with land management agencies and sponsoring entities in providing incentives for improving watershed condition and function. Projects eligible for SWPP grant funding assistance include the construction or rehabilitation of the following:

Small Reservoirs


Solar Platforms

Pipelines and Conveyance Facilities


Wetland Developments

Environmental Projects

Irrigation Works


Rural Community Fire Supression Systems

Recreational Projects

Activities should improve watershed condition and function and provide benefit for wildlife, livestock and the environment. Projects may provide improved water quality, riparian habitat, habitat for fish and wildlife and address environmental concerns by providing water supplies to support plant and animal species or serve to improve natural resource conditions.

Applications are due January 1st and there is an application fee of $500.  

WWDC Small Waters Program: What We Do
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