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Kirby Creek


In 2017, the Hot Springs Conservation District was awarded a 319 grant from the Department of Environmental Quality.  The goal of this project is to restore/create reservoirs in the upper reaches of Kirby Creek watershed to slow the flow of spring run-off into Kirby Creek, thereby decreasing channel and bank erosion in Kirby Creek, reducing the amount of sediment loading into the Big Horn River, and protecting newly implemented stream restoration BMPs and Emergency Watershed Protection projects (NRCS).

Restoring and creating reservoirs will also help reduce bacterial loading into Kirby Creek by facilitating off-channel watering and improving riparian area vegetative buffers.  Water monitoring continues on Kirby Creek and we are seeing improvement in E. coli numbers.  With these improvements, we are working towards delisting areas of Kirby Creek on the 303(d) list.


Interested in joining our cause?  Please consider making a donation here.

319 Department of Environmental Quality Grant: Programs
319 Department of Environmental Quality Grant: Gallery
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